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Bank Name: Nedbank South Africa                                                     Account Number: 1033647764

Account  Holder : N Mhlanga                                                                  Branch code:  188705

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On-the-Go Drinking Bottle Set (500ml x 4) R344
On-the-Go Drinking Bottle Set (750ml x 2) R180
Four Tumblers (400 ml) R135
Modular Jug (1,9 L) R199
Meal Mate R139
Two Luncheon Plates R125
Eat On-the-Go (1 L) R179
Eat On-the-Go (1,5 L) R199
Carry Away, High R415
Midget Salt and Pepper (60 ml) R74
Get Active Bottle (750 ml R149
Two Microwave Omelette Makers (430 ml) R198
Microwave Pasta Maker (1,9 L) R159
Divided Dish, Large R175
MicroCook (1,5 L) R429
MicroCook (2,5 L) R499
Microwave Pressure Cooker (2 L) R1 499
MicroPlus Pitcher (500 ml) R299
MicroPlus Pitcher (1 L) R389
MicroGourmet Steamer R939
Four Large Square Rounds (800 ml) R280
Five Small Square Rounds (400 ml) R265
Ventsmart (4,4 L) R150
Ventsmart (1,8 L) R115
Stack n Stor (1,6 L) R170
Four Stacking Bowls (500 ml) R225
Crisp-It with Spike (2,5 L) R190
CheeSmart Rectangle R189
Two Stor n Freeze (1,9 L) R255
Ice Cube Tray (300 ml) R110
Stor n Freeze (6,5 L) R255
Signature Line Square 1 (1,2L) R235
Signature Line Square 2 (2,6L) R285
Signature Line Square 3 (4,0L) R309
Signature Line Square 4 (5,5L) R355
Slim Stor (700ml) R159
Handy Stor (1,1L) R170
Multi Stor (2,5L) R213
Stow n Go R155
Keep n Carry, Large (14L) R415
PotatoSmart (5,5 L) R240
Square Keeper (10,8 L) R319
Stacking Canister (2 L) R139
Super Sonstraler Bowl (4,45 L) R179
Allegra Bowl (3,5 L) R319
Stack n Serve Set R489
Four Legacy Plates R199
Six Legacy Bowls (400 ml) R215
Feeding Bowl Set Consists of: Two 200 ml Feeding Bowls R159
Four Tuppercare Hang on Spoons R55
Square Divided Dish Set Consists of: Three 550 ml Square Divided Dishes R279
Get Active Bottle (415 ml) R125
Divided Luncher (500 ml) R189
Two Easy Oval Keepers (470 ml) R235
Shape O Toy R319
Stencil Set Consists of 4 stencils: Capital Letters Small Letters Holidays Birds and Fish R119
Formula Dispenser R105
Wipes/Tissues Dispenser (1,5 L) R115
Wipes/Tissues Dispenser (650 ml) R95
That’s a Bowl (3 L) R155
Fusion Mixing Bowl (3 L) R210
Vegetable Peeler R80
Grate n Measure R170
Cut n Clean R202
Small Marinader R159
Large Marinader R225
Salad Spinner (4 L) R495
Extra Chef (with Pull Cord) R859
994786 Perfect Press Maker Set Consists of: Perfect Press Maker (630 ml) Perfect Press Round Nozzle Perfect Press Gnocchi Nozzle Perfect Press Rectangle Nozzle R517
UltraPro (3,3 L) R1 209
UltraPro (5,7 L) R1 445
Mirage Casserole (2,5 L) R1 410
Mirage Casserole (3,5 L) R1 460
Mirage Casserole (4,5L) R1 550
Utensil Rest R32
Utensil Set Consists of: Ladle Slotted Spoon R109
Chef Series Water Kettle (2,2 L) R999
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StoreSmart Set R179
StoreSmart 5 L Set R230
Snack Set and Handle R209
Crystalwave Multi Mug Set R139
6 x Imbizo Plates R249
Exclusive Collection Salt and Pepper Set (110 ml) R98
6 x Imbizo Side Plates R179
Outdoor Dining Pitcher (1,7 L) R169
4 x Outdoor Dining Tumblers (330 ml) R120
Click Series Set R399
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